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Bladed Weapons of the East  



The Naginata is a pole weapon that was traditionally used in Japan by members of the samurai class. It is studied by women more than men, currently. It consists of a wood shaft with a curved blade on the end, and is similar to the European glaive. Usually, it also had a sword-like guard between the blade and shaft.

The martial art of wielding the naginata is called naginata-jutsu.


The Yari is a Japanese spear. Some argued that the yari was deadlier than the katana. The katana was more than capable of splitting a man in half, but most slashing attacks did not often penetrate deeply enough to be fatal. The yari's blade, on the other hand, needed to penetrate only a few inches into the flesh in order to be deadly. It also had a reach advantage over the katana; It could be thrust very quickly, and was difficult to parry.